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Production capacity at the mill is aroundtonnes of end-products per year, of which most is exported. The mill is located in Skärblacka, near Norrköping in Sweden. The community has around 4, inhabitants.

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The mill has approximately employees, making it one of the largest employers in Norrköping municipality. The mill is located beside the river Motala Ström, 3 km upstream from Lake Glan.

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Both the main waterway and several tributaries are used for water supply and as recipient for a large number of municipalities and companies. Long tradition Pulp production began at Skärblacka Mill inwith paper production starting two years after that. As the mill has been extended great efforts have been made in environ mental protection, resulting in con sid erably lower emissions.

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Raw materials To produce pulp the mill mainly uses softwood, which has long and strong fibres. This is the skärblacka single for the strong sack and kraft paper that is produced. The mill also uses hardwood, mainly birch, but also aspen.

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This wood has shorter fibres, more suitable for making stiff paper. Hardwood is therefore used to make fluting, the wavy layer in corrugated board. Paper production is focused on brown sack paper, fluting and white MG kraft paper.

Skärblacka Mill specialises mainly on pack aging paper. They continually develop their products and are therefore continually setting new and advanced demands on the paper.

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Paper is often combined with other materials to create packaging. Paper from Skärblacka Mill may appear on the breakfast table in the form of margarine wrappers, the inner lid of a tub of butter, the wrapper for crispbread or maybe the bag for bread rolls.

A wide variety of other goods you come into contact with during the day may have been packaged in our paper, such as TV sets, furniture, car parts, chemicals, cement and animal feed.

Our paper is also used within the healthcare system.

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One of our specialist products is romantisk dejt gunnarp to wrap disposable items and surgical instruments that must be sterilised. All of these different types of packaging place great demands on the paper. The paper must operate perfectly in converting machines, corrugated board machines or printing presses running at high speeds.

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The same must apply in the machines skärblacka single produce and fill the finished packaging. The paper packaging needs to be as smart as possible. Wood fibre may be re-used times. When the fibre can no longer be re-used it can provide energy if it is burnt.

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When it is burnt, or if the paper rots away natur ally, carbon dioxide is formed that a growing plant requires for photosynthesis. Our products are therefore renewable and well suited to a sustainable society based on eco-cycles. Working on shifts, operators monitor and control the various processes via a computer system.

Work also includes inspecting systems that monitor emissions to the environment.

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Continuous activities take place to make sure that raw materials and other resources are used in the best way. Wood is the most important raw skärblacka single. Minimising consumption of wood while producing products that customers want to buy is a key part of daily work.

Since Billerud does not own any forest, all wood raw material has to be purchased.

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At Skärblacka Mill purchases are made from major forest owners in the region. This ensures that all raw materials are checked and meet approved standards in terms of environmental care since sustainable forestry is a decisive factor for the future of the mill.

On occasions wood is imported from abroad. Billerud sets the same demands on skärblacka single suppliers as on local ones. Various chemicals are also significant raw materials.

Bulk chemicals in the form of standard chemicals are mainly used. Additive chemicals are used to give products certain characteristics or to facilitate production and avoid disruptions to production.

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Prior to use, all chemicals must be approved by a special group that analyses the effects of the chemicals on the outer environment, working skärblacka single and product safety. Wherever possible, more eco-adapted chemicals are used. Wood raw materials comprise softwood and hardwood logs and softwood chips from local sawmills.

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From wood to end-product In the wood handling plant 1 bark is removed from the logs in rotating drums. The logs are then chopped into chips. The bark is burnt in the bark boiler to produce energy for the mill. The wood chips are transported to the two digester lines 2 where cellulose fibres are re leased from the wood by cooking them in white liquor.

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Around half of the wood is turned into pulp. The pulp is washed 3 to remove the remaining cooking liquor which now becomes black liquor.

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To remove solid contaminants the pulp is then screened 4. Black liquor comprises used cooking chemicals, dissolved wood substances and lignin, which is also a component of the wood. The black liquor is evaporated to achieve a high dryness level so that the liquor can be burnt in the recovery boiler 7.

The chemicals form a 4 sludge that is dissolved in water to form green liquor. The green liquor is treated with lime and converted into new cooking liquor, white liquor.

The lime becomes lime sludge that skärblacka single burnt in a separate process to form new lime. There are two pulp lines, one with six batch digesters and one with a continuous digester.

Pulp from the continuous digester is used to produce unbleached sack paper. The batch digesters are used to produce both shortfibre hardwood pulp and long-fibre softwood pulp.