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The map shows at least three separate properties for Jonas Svensson.

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I assume in the shifting he gave those up for one piece of land. Does it say where his new land was? Dear Tony Andersson, Thank you for the translation. Do you think the document says he was leaving Vallensbæk Sogn for Copenhagen proper or was he leaving Vallensbæk Sogn, Copenhagen for some unknown place?

I believe that byhe would have been a journeyman baker?

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I happen to know that his older brother Carl Jonasson left Binga No. I don't know about such things but years seems like a reasonable amount of time to become a journeyman baker? Öland weather And thank you Kalle Birgersson!

You may not have any of that craftsman stuff in your family but you certainly have a helpful hand nonetheless.

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I am so grateful for all your help and especially the lovely map of Björkenas. Now if I can only determine what that document is all about.

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Good to hear from you. And it's not a guess about being derived from Björkenas.

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The attached mötesplatser för äldre i smedby actually says so. I forgot that he used the surname Buckman, norrtälje dating Americanization of Björklund, so Carl wasn't the first to use the name.

When my great grandfather moved from Binga No. I haven't been able to find him arriving back single i hällaryd Sweden from Copenhagen but he pops up dejtingsajt sävsjö in the census as Sven Jonasson Björklund in Skellefteå.

That would be very interesting if Carl Jonasson first started using the name Björklund on 6 Nov He may have been the first person in the family to use that name - presumably after Single i hällaryd Do the scribbles before and after Björklund mean anything to you on line 14?

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Oh, this is great. If the head of the household on line 1 was Johan Henrik Sjölander, bagarmäst master-bakerthen I have to assume that Johan Henrik Sjölander was the same master baker to whom Carl was apprenticed.


There is a date next to Carl's name on line Do you know what it means? Could this have something to do with his apprenticeship or perhaps when he became "Bjorklund?

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How did you find that? I was looking in the indices and also for Karlskrona No. Can you read Line 1? It looks like it might say something about a baker? I should have known this because above mentions "Martin Luther's catechism. It reviews the: 1.

Ten Commandments 2. Apostles' Creed 3.

Lord's Prayer 4. Sacrament of Holy Baptism 5. Office of the Keys and Confession 6.

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Sacrament of the Eucharist. It was mandatory for confirmands in the Church of Sweden until the s.

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Kalle - Your transcription into modern Swedish is great because it allows a regular google translation: The farmer's son Carl Jonasson, born in Hellaryd on May 12, one hundred and thirty-threea parent.

Home owner Jonas Svensson and h.

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Elna Pehrsd. Lindström The "Luth. It seems to indicate something important at the time, the meaning of single i hällaryd I have no idea. I assume the vaccination was against small pox.

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Thank you KG. Even though single i hällaryd gve me no translation, Google asked if I wanted to translate from Danish rather than Swedish. Owner or tenant sounds good. We also have in these old Danish provinces places like Pehrsgärde, presumably where Pehr owned or rented land that he watched over. Can anyone pleaase tell me what it means?

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Context: Svensson, Jonas, b. Please feel free to post any other photos, maps, etc. Dear Finn Fries, Aha! You are an expert! Just as I thought! If you have maps, tax records, etc. I certainly appreciate everything you've shared with me to help me better understand the place where poor Mattis Jonasson farmed during his brief life. Regarding Sven's birthday, there's little doubt about his birth and baptism on 4 and 10 Apr Here, it appears that the month was re-entered.

It's hard to be certain but it seems a "4" was entered first, then it was made to look like a "1. This is very curious to me.

Hällaryd´s Church

I don't think it was a mistake but a deliberate change. I love the photo. Is this where your summer home his? Swedish Division 3 Sydöstra Götaland flygfotograf. Hällaryd Rolsberg 1 Vetlanda karta - flygfotograf.

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Nätdejting utifrån ett föräldraperspektiv. Dear Finn Fries, I cannot thank you enough for the photo of Fattiggård It certainly doesn't look so poor to me and your tracing of the Olsson family farm to this place.

Hällaryd 1 Stockaryd karta -

I am in a bind because it appears that Sven's birthday got changed to 4 Jan sometime between his birth and the subsequent household examinations. This makes me wonder if he ever knew when his real birthday actually was.

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I also wonder if maybe his mother changed it for some personal reason. But if Sven's birthday becomes 4 Janthis means that Mattis could not be Sven's father because he was not alive 9 months before Sven's birth. Assuming Martha changed Sven's birthday the new date appears even before she remarriedI'm thinking that for some reason Martha didn't want anyone to know that Mattis Jonasson was the father of her first child Sven Mattisson.

But this really doesn't make sense because Sven's name always appears as Sven Mattisson, which literally means he was Mattis's son? Does anyone have any ideas about this curious mystery? Maybe you can deduce this by the ordering of families in the household examinations? Best regards, Don. Many thanks Anti Poika.