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Sök bland uppsatser från svenska högskolor och universitet! The deposits and how they were formed have been studied.

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The purpose of the paper is to account for the glacial history of Scania and its impact on the Lövestad ridges, and to describe and interpret the ridges composition, depositional environment and the processes governing their formation.

Methods used are literature studies, geomorphologic analysis and field sampling for analysis in the laboratory, and height lövestad single with a clinometer. The samples were analyzed for max particle size, grain size, shape, round-ness, and rock types in the laboratory The dominant direction of ice flow during the end of the Weichselian ice age was north east to south west in this part of Scania.

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The rock type analysis suggests that the material comes from the north east. The max particle analysis shows that the deposition took place around meters from the edge of the ice sheet, and the pat-tern of sedimentation shows that the flow velocity was greater in the north than in the south.

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The dominant grain size in the eskers is cobbles. The matrix consists mainly of gravelly sand lövestad single sandy gravel.

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Boulders lövestad single be found in the northern parts of the ridge. The esker network in the southern part and the single esker to the north are interpreted as two different landforms.

The esker network consists of alternating basins and ridges.

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The single esker in the north is formed inside of a tunnel. The subaerial channels where material was deposited were formed in a stagnant ice sheet.

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The Lövestad eskers were formed in conjunction with the extensive melting that occurred around in the end of Weichselian ice age. The last glacial advance around BP never reached Lövestad.

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